Summer has officially made its entry and with it, a sigh of relief from every Albertan that survived yet another long winter. Summer brings colour into our world and we find the blooms of Spring and Summer irresistible; between the colour, the longer days and interacting with more people in our community outdoors, it seems as if the whole city is vibrating with life. Style and design trends are usually born from the influence of what is currently happening with culture, and as we move into the vividness and brightness of summer, we’ve been feeling inspired by brighter and bolder bedroom designs. Even adding a few colourful items, roughly about 25% of your bedroom decor, will greatly bolden and liven up your space. If you’re feeling as though your bedroom could use some sprucing up for this season, read on for our favourite current trends on how to add pops of colour and intensity to your bedroom!

A simple and practical option is to switch out your sheets to feature a more colourful option that breathes well in the heat of July. We all know how wonderful it feels to nestle into a bed with fresh sheets, and for us that's HEFEL sheets, which is an Austrian purveyor of premium bedding. Established in 1907 and now managed by the 4th generation of family, HEFEL is the only weaving mill for ticking fabrics in Europe and has the highest quality standard - which you will notice and feel the moment you lay on these sheets! If you’re feeling lost on which colour to choose, snap a picture of your bedroom and come into the store; we will help you decide on a colour that compliments and enhances to bring more summer into your space.

 Another option we love is to add more plants! Plants are a beautiful and natural way to decorate as they add texture, depth and colour; all the while cleaning the air in the sacred space that you go to for rest and rejuvenation. As a company that consistently seeks out the most natural and organic way to do business, you can imagine how much we love adding nature into our bedroom! Floor plants, hanging plants, wall plants - the options are endless. Even adding a vase of fresh flowers to your bedside table weekly will keep your room smelling heavenly and give you a reason to smile when you open your eyes in the morning. If you’re hesitant because your thumb is more black than green, we suggest trying a low maintenance plant such as a ZZ plant or snake plant, which need to watered and fussed with less than other options.

For even more flourishes of colour that can be easily switched out at the end of summer, we suggest including a pop of colour on your floors. Adding a small area rug with a brighter colour or bolder pattern will tie together all of the other elements we mentioned above. Already have an existing rug in place that you don’t want to move?! Try playing around with the trendy look of layered rugs with contrasting shapes and textures. Lastly we enjoy how brilliantly a change of blinds and curtains can bring into your space. Our go to's are the pastel hues of Kvadrat as they breathe easily letting the summer breeze in all while drastically changing the look of a room. 

So however you choose to invite colour and Summer design change into your bedroom, we would love to see it. Tag us on Instagram with #liveawakened and show us your designed spaces, we love to be inspired by our brilliant customers!

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