We are pleased to introduce you to our newest advocate, Dr. Mecca Fayad. Dr. Fayad is a well-respected Chiropractor in Edmonton and when she isn’t assisting people in achieving their optimal health, you can find her dining out with friends at Edmonton’s newest and best independent restaurants or curled up with a good book. We sat down with Dr. Fayad to learn more about her and why her relationship with Healthy Bedroom is important to her.

Introducing Dr. Mecca Fayad - tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a chiropractor here in the city of Edmonton working at All Sport Health and Performance on 124th street.. As a musculoskeletal health specialist and chiropractor I treat anything related to the muscles or the spine, catering to all sorts of individuals from a very athletic population to pregnant moms and even children.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up and I fix my bed. Fixing my bed sets a good intention for the day and leads me to be more productive and feel more accomplished throughout my day. After that, I make a coffee; I'm addicted to my caffeinated beverages so I'll usually make a collagen infused coffee. Then I’ll make a smoothie to go along with it and go for a workout or head to work.  After work I come home and make a nice meal and have a relaxing night-time routine before I go to bed.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Chocolate, sugar, sweets! I am Lebanese so there is no meal that goes by - I'm talking lunch dinner, and sometimes even breakfast - where there is not a healthy treat and a cup of coffee at the end of it. I believe in having a healthy, balanced life and if that means having a baklava or a piece of vanilla cake that is OK with me.



What are some common mistakes people make when they are caring for their body?

Certainly demonizing sleep; we live in a society where it's seen as a badge of honour if you get 5 hours or less of sleep. That doesn't work! We know that sleep leads to people feeling happier, healthier and having more energy. I believe when you don't get enough sleep you're doing your body a disservice. Another common mistake that I see people making every day is not indulging in self-care which can be anything from taking a warm bath, to reading a good book to scrolling through Instagram. Any time that you take to recuperate and recover from a busy day is self-care. I want people to give themselves the space for enough energy and love to thrive.

Why are you excited to become a Healthy Bedroom Advocate?

Neuroscientist Matthew Walker put it best; he said that there is a revolutionary way to be slimmer, healthier, happier and decrease your risk of getting cancer and that's all by getting a good night's sleep. I believe that Healthy Bedroom encompasses those values and that's why I'm so excited to partner with Healthy Bedroom.

 What are your favourite ways to take care of yourself?

I like going for a pedicure, grabbing a coffee, or going to a cool restaurant that just opened up in the city. Without a doubt my favourite restaurant is Corso 32; I go there almost every single birthday, they have the best, simple foods.

If you don't get enough rest how does that affect you as a professional?

As a professional chiropractor I get anywhere from 10-30 minutes to effectively take a history, evaluate a patient, to diagnosis and treat a patient and provide them with advice on what they can do at home. If I don't get a good sleep I notice that my mood, energy and my concentration all decrease. As a medical professional I have the use of my head, my heart and my hands and that is severely depleted without a good night's sleep.



How many hours do you sleep a night?

Typically 7-8. Anything less than 6, I'm in trouble.

I can't sleep without...

Silence. Darkness. and a warm bed.

My first thought when I wake up is...

How thankful I am to see another day and have slept in a beautiful, comfortable bedroom. There are a lot of people that don't have that privilege.

Live Awakened means...

To live empowered, to live your best life and to set your best foot forward each and every day.


Stay tuned for more conversations with Dr. Mecca Fayad as we look forward to sharing and learning more from her over the coming monthes. And keep your eyes open for a blog post coming soon with Mecca’s advice on how to best care for your back.

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