Its that time of year when late nights tend to be the norm. When staying out a few hours later seems come just a little bit easier and so does young ones pulling you out of bed well before youre ready to leave the comfort behind. Consequently whenever were asked what we want for Christmas the first thought that crosses our mind is sleep. Just a few extra hours curled up in bed accompanied by peace and quiet and a really good Hefel comforter. But seeing as Santa keeps forgetting to bring us that, weve rounded up our favourite gifts to help you make the most out of the time you do get in bed this December!  

1) Transcend Coffee 

 The ultimate wake up gift? A bag of well roasted coffee beans. We are huge fans of the coffee scene here in Edmonton and with so many delicious options its hard to choose a favourite, but Transcend is always a crowd pleaser. Best of all it also can double a hostess gift in a pinch.  

2) Tomnuk Lune Lighting

Designed here in Edmonton, Tomnuk creates elegant functional pieces for your home and bedroom. The Lune Lighting collection allows the user to adjust the amount of light from the fixture by simply adjusting the with two intersecting circles that make the shape of crescent that can grow or shrink based on preference for brightness. A subtle nod to the moon while maintaining a sleek minimalist aesthetic - the perfect addition to any bedroom. 

3) The Sleepshirt

Made in Vancouver, these linen sleep shirts are the perfect timeless gifts for friends and loved ones of all ages. The linen is breathable and the perfect weight to keep its wearer warm all night long. Its no wonder these lovely nightshirts made Oprahs Favourite things list this year! 

4) Kvadrat Blinds

Personalize a loved ones bedroom with customized blinds. Let them select the finishes and choose from a wide range of colours so that it suits their bedroom perfectly so they can start the New Year with a fresh focal point to their room!

5) Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask 

This cult favourite from Edmontons own Pura Botanicals is the perfect way to ensure you really get a beauty sleep. While you rest this creamy, soft pink concoction gently removes dead skin cells, improving the skins texture, and enhancing a youthful complexion. And if thats not enough it also smells simply divine. 

6) Silk Sleep Masks from Strathcona Stockings 

Fight puffy eyes even if you have that extra glass of wine with these 100% silk masks. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns youll be able to find one as unique as the person youre gifting it to!


7) Pillow Bar Pillows 

Another one of Oprah’s favourite things, Pillowbar Pillows are custom crafted and work wonders to keep your head in line with your spine while cradling you in luxury every night. Treat a loved one to this 100% down pillow for extreme comfort with a French Lavender Satchel tucked inside for aromatherapy.

8) Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Elevate a loved ones bedroom decor with this elegant stone diffuser. Softly infusing a room all night long with a bit of humidity for our dry winter nights with soothing scents like lavender, eucalyptus, and cedar you'll sleep so soundly. 





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