The beginning of a New Year brings with it resolutions, the opportunity to pause and consider how we are living our lives. We feel inspired to seize the freshness of the new year and set goals and resolutions that reflect our aspirations to become healthier, happier versions of ourselves. As mindfulness and self-care become more integral for our physical and mental health, a good night’s sleep is high on the priority list. We often punish ourselves for ‘bad sleep hygiene’ as we scroll through our phones at night and consequently, have a restless sleep. But what if the solution to a better night’s sleep lies beneath you? It might be time to consider purchasing a new mattress.



If finding a new mattress is on your 2018 to do list, you’re probably wondering where to begin, what questions to ask and how to ensure you’re making the right investment. Mattress shopping can be daunting so we spoke to Feizal, a sleep specialist, and discussed what kinds of questions you should be asking when you start shopping for a mattress.

Is a pillow top better than a tight top mattress?

Pillow top mattresses aren’t necessarily bad, however they are soft and not backed-up by support. Foam is generally the filler in pillow top mattresses and it breaks down over time, absorbs moisture and dust, and off-gases; foam is made up entirely of chemicals, which makes it disruptive for the environment. The best way to fill or upholster a mattress is to use natural materials such as wool because they last longer, have moisture wicking properties and are more eco-friendly. People often mistake comfort for support and your mattress should feel slightly firm, firmer than what you feel is really comfortable, as this will provide you with back support and the posture that you need while you’re sleeping.


What’s the difference between a double-sided mattress versus a single-sided non-flip mattress?

Single sided, or non-flip mattress, came on the market in 2008 during the recession. It was essentially a cost saving measurement; manufacturers had to come up with creative ways to reduce the cost of the mattress so that people could afford to continue purchasing new ones. There’s been claims that the technology had improved so much that you no longer needed to flip your mattress; however, that sadly isn’t true. Flippable mattresses are always the best as they give you even distribution of wear. Have you heard before that you should replace your mattress once every 10 years? That’s only true if you’re purchasing a non-flip mattress made of non-natural materials. With a high-quality flippable mattress, the mattress should last you a lifetime. You’re supposed to turn your mattress after three months, then after the next three, you flip it and keep repeating this care pattern every three months. If you keep up these maintenance techniques (just as you would maintain your car), your natural mattress will last you a lifetime.

Is a tufted mattress better than a quilted mattress?

Tufting is a traditional technique of stitching that goes directly through the mattress. This helps to prevent the fills from floating around within the mattress over time. Whereas, a quilted mattress is essentially machine made and they quilt the top to make it look good on the surface but underneath the materials are glued together which eventually gives over time, leaving the fill to float and disintegrate, which ultimately contributes to sagging.

What’s the difference between a ‘bed in a box’ mattress and a coiled mattress?

Many people have become attracted to the ease and value of a ‘bed in a box’. The advantage of a boxed mattress is getting it shipped right to your door in a vacuum sealed, compact package.  By shrinking the mattress to fit in a box, it saves on shipping costs and provides convenience to the end customer who doesn’t have to worry about bringing a full-size mattress home. The major difference between these boxed mattresses and full-sized mattresses is in the components. Box mattresses consist of nothing but a foam core. A conventional coiled mattress can’t be compressed or vacuumed packed because their cores consist of coils. Good quality products have pocketed coils to help maintain the structure and form of the mattress over time.



We know it can be difficult to part with hard-earned dollars, but we stand firmly for quality above all. We’ve found that while natural, eco-friendly, double-sided mattresses require slightly more money upfront, the benefits far outweigh the initial investment. These mattresses improve your sleep by helping to moderate temperature, provide unrivaled spine support with their quality fills and coils and if maintained properly, will last you a lifetime.

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