It's hard to imagine anyone that works harder, loves so fully and deserves a bit of rest and relaxation more than our moms. And since Mother's Day comes but once a year, we turned to one of our favourite moms, Lane Edwards, owner and founder of Pura Botanicals, to share some of her knowledge on the power of weaving self care into your day.

"My mother exemplified the importance of self-care to me throughout my life with her consistent practice of the beauty ritual. Because of that, I grew up with a real appreciation of how women take the time to look after themselves; whether it be through skincare, or bath and body, the self-care rituals that help you relax, feel centered and get in touch with your femininity have always inspired me."

Taking lead from Lane, we recommend choosing a time of day that best suits your lifestyle to indulge in a little self care whether that's time with a friend, working up a sweat or introducing a night routine before bed. “A night routine is about thinking about what helps you feel relaxed whether that’s baths, mediation or just taking a few moments to count your blessings. Focusing on the positive things, even if they’re small and simple.” And the importance of this small act of self-care isn’t to be overlooked as Lane notes how important this time is to decompress. “I just find it helps promote a restful sleep because there’s so much that happens in my day, being a mom and juggling so much, to unwind truly and relax before you slip under the sheets is really important. I love baths and indulging in skincare, taking off my makeup and applying oils and creams to relax through the senses. I am all about aromas and clean sheets as you take a feel deep breaths to unravel from the day.” But if you’re still struggling to ground yourself after a hectic and demanding day, scent might just be the key.

“There are some aromas that are excellent at helping you relax and surrender into the night. Personally I love French lavender it’s so soothing and calming as well as Roman chamomile, ylang-ylang and even sweeter scents like vanilla (especially this greener notes to balance it). I even share these scents with my littles - Morgan loves using her diffuser!” As the sense of smell can be the most powerful to unlocking emotion and memory, we love bringing it into the bedroom with feather pillows infused with really lavendar satchels (from Pillow bar) and layering Pura Lullaby mist for a scent profile to help you drift off to sleep.

Another tip for quick and easy self care while you sleep is using overnight masks. “I love using these are they’re so simple and do the work while you sleep” says Lane. And if you really want to increase the spa-like luxury while you get your beauty rest, pair the mask with a silk sleeping mask, like the Canadian-made Strathcona Stockings ones found at Healthy Bedroom.

Looking for more advice on how to build a Night Routine, be sure to check out this blog post for our tips on doing just that!

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