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Pillowbar Pillows are custom crafted to match your individual sleep style and physical size. They work wonders to keep your head in line with your spine while cradling you in luxury every night. They are filled with 100% down (no feathers) for extreme comfort and include a French Lavender Satchel for aromatherapy.

Product Details

  • Materials
    300 thread count washable cotton sateen protector
    French lavender sachet
    100% pure European white down (no feathers)
  • Dimensions Available
    Petite (16'' X 20'')
    Queen (20'' X 30'')
    King (20'' X 36'')
    Dr.Mary - Side Sleeper (13.75'' X 45'')
    Jetsetter Mini (14'' X 14'')
    Jetsetter Large (20'' X 20'')
    Travel (12'' X 16'')
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Custom Down Pillows Made Only For You Prepare to enjoy a perfect night's sleep. Our hand-made custom European white down pillows are custom crafted by trained pillow makers one-at-a-time to match your unique sleep style, size and age. Our own frustration motivated us to discover how important your pillow is to great sleep and that your pillow should be as unique as you are.
This side sleeper pillow is custom, hand made for your unique height and corresponding shoulder size, age and sleep style. Benefit from side sleeping without waking with neck pain and your fingers falling asleep. This unique side sleeper pillow helps keep your head aligned with your spine and your blood flowing all night long. Filled with 100% pure down (no feathers) you'll experience extreme comfort with the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper™ Down Filled Pillow.
Just because you are traveling doesn't mean you have to leave a good night's sleep at home. Pack along either the boomerang-shaped cushy Jetsetter or Jetsetter Mini travel neck pillow, that fits easily into your carry-on or your roll-aboard to assure you sweet dreams. Perfect for a front sleeper, back sleeper or side sleeper, it cradles your head and neck as you drift off to sleep no matter what bed you're in or plane you’re on!